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24, الثور, Colombia, CALI
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Make it rain!!! || Naked oil every 199 tokens || |Tip 20 to get 5 spanks |#latina #big-tits #toys #curvy #shaved pussy

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Suck this!!! 3 الصور 3 photos
تفاصيل هامة عن Ssattiva
التفضيل الجنسيثنائي الجنس
الارتفاع>5' - 5'3" [150سم - 160سم]
الوزن120 - 140 باوند[55 - 63 كغم]
الشعرامرأة سمراء
العرقلاتيني / اسباني
اللغاتالأسبانية, الإنجليزية
مسقط الرأس
النصف العلويمتوسطة الحجم
المؤخرةمتوسطة الحجم
ما يجعلني مشتهية
excites me too much that touch my breasts are delicacy and sweetness, worse I also love to be bitten hard, but my most sensitive part is definitely my ass

I excites the previous erotic games, that make me crazy about warmth, but it´s important to say that I'm also a sweet girl :P
im just a sweet girl, i love talk with people about interesting things!
ما يطفئ شهوتي
too fast game :( i can resist too much hours ;)
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ساعات العمل ل Ssattiva
الاثنين 6:00 ص – 4:00 م
الثلاثاء 6:00 ص – 4:00 م
الأربعاء 6:00 ص – 4:00 م
الخميس 6:00 ص – 4:00 م
الجمعة 6:00 ص – 4:00 م
السبت 6:00 ص – 4:00 م
الأحد لا يعمل
قائمة الأمنيات لـ Ssattiva
Number 1  the best room!
Number 1 the best room!
i wanna be the number 1 in the best sala of chat, I want everyone to know me and know that I am a fun girl, with whom you can also have good talks!!
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Top 100
Top 100
I want to be number one in the top 100, it's time for you to meet this delicious and high snack
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Tarjeta de regalo Amazon de 100$
Tarjeta de regalo Amazon de 100$
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Beautiful, sexy, and loves dirty talk. Perfect!
<3amazing Woman <3